I simply don’t understand how shit like this is still being said 😒 like grow the fuck up we’re in 2014 ! SOME PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN HOW TO RESPECT WOMAN ! I BET THEY DONT SAY SHIT LIKE THAT TO THEIR MOTHERS ! and come on dude the girls look AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL ❤️ And im fucken pissed that FIFTH HARMONY doesnt get the credit that they deserve cause HONESTLY THEY WORK THEIR ASSES OFF AND THEY ARE BEYOND TALENTED !! their vocals are beyond this universe !!❤️🙏 and they could literally be wearing SWEATS AND BIG OVERSIZED SWEATERS AND STILL GIVE OUT STRONG MESSAGES THAT bands like 5SOS & EMBLEM3 can NEVER give !! FIFTH HARMONY GAVE MY SISTER (SHE IS UNDER 12 years old) THE CONFIDENCE THAT SHE NEEDS AND HOW SHE SHOULD STAND UP FOR HERSELF & HOW NOT TO RELY ON A BOY TO MAKE HER HAPPY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY TO BELIEVE IN HERSELF !! and what pisses me off more is how the girls get called “sluts” for wearing clothes that are showing SOME skin and displaying how CONFIDENT they are in their own skin and clothing…YET 5SOS can go on an AWARD SHOW in front of millions of viewers INCLUDING KIDS UNDER 12 with just towels around their waist and being able to see their junk and some people call that “cute, sexy, maturity, hot ect.” LIKE WTF ??? 5SOS NEEDS to have some RESPECT for themselves to at least put a damn shirt on especially pants ! LITTLE GIRLS SHOULDNT SEE THOSE TYPE OF PEOPLE ON TV ESPECIALLY IF THEIR GONNA PULL THAT STUNT OFF AND WHEN THEY LOOK UP TO THEM…yes they have “okay” music but do you REALLY think their music got them where they are now ? of course not. THE ONLY REASON WHY IS CAUSE THEIR LOOKS GET THEM THEIR ! AND THATS WHAT GIRLS WANT! THEY WANT CUTE/HOT boys to watch all the time. another example Emblem3 with the ice bucket challenge !! 😒 THEY ARE COMPLETELY NAKED FOR NO GOD DAMN REASON !!! and watch their fan base grow just cause they were naked on a video and their music isnt any good i dont like it at all and they arent going anywhere anytime soon yes i like Emblem3 but the way they used to be on the X Factor and thats why DREW left the band because he knew they werent going anywhere…but anyways THANK GOD 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️ I AM ALIVE TO WITNESS FIFTH HARMONY TAKE OVER THE WORLD IN THE RIGHT WAY A BAND SHOULD!! THEIR MUSIC IS SO AMAZING AND YOU CAN LEARN SOMETHING FROM IT AND THEY MAKE ALOT OF PEOPLE FEEL SAFE AND THAT THEY ARE NOT ALONE WHEN THEY ARE FEELING DOWN !!! THEY HAVE A VERY STRON MESSAGE ON GIRL EMPOWERMENT !! They dont need to be naked or anything like that to get their fans base growing. ALL THEY NEED TO DO IS BE THEMSELVES AND SHOW HOW THEY WONT LET FAME CHANGE THEM AND HOW THEY WILL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR THEIR FANS ESPECIALLY GO OUT OF THEIR WAY TO MAKE THEIR FANS HAPPY JUST BY SIMPLY BEING HAPPY AND MAKING GREAT MUSIC AS ALWAYS ❤️ They are SO HUMBLE, CARING, LOVING, SWEET, SMART, TALENTED, AND BEAUTIFUL GIRLS ❤️ All of them say their own personal opinion on who’s a “BO$$” in the industries BUT THEY MAY OR MAY NOT KNOW THAT THEY ARE THE #1 BOSS IN ALOT OF PEOPLE’s LIFES CAUSE THEY DEAL WITH POINTLESS BS DRAMA AND THEY ARE NOMINATED FOR A VMA THEY HAVE AN ARDY AND ARE NOMINATED FOR ALOT MORE OTHER THINGS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY THEY WERE NOMINATED FOR 6 TCA…and you know they are doing everything RIGHT when they DONT EVEN HAVE AN ALBUM YET AND THEIR FAN BASE (harmonizers❤️🙏👑) IS HUGE ALREADY AND ONCE THEIR ALBUM COMES OUT THIS FALL..LIKE LAUREN JAUREGUI SAID “We can only go up from here” ❤️ THE FAN BASE IS GOING TO GET BIGGER THEIR SONGS WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD AND SPREAD WOMEN EMPOWERMENT ! 👑 and im %100 sure that 5sos and emblem3 CANT DO THE SAME THING THAT THE GIRLS ARE DOING CAUSE 5Sos & E3’s FAN BASE ARE ONLY THEIR FOR THEIR LOOKS !

But yeah that my opinion 😊😘
5Harmony earns their spot with their music (their looks are just a bonus) &
5Sos & E3 have to pull stupid stunts to earn their spot 😂


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Puede que el invierno,
viva en las grietas de los árboles,
y un otoño eterno
se instale en las flores

Puede que se cierre el cielo
en la noches
y se congele el viento
en las mañanas,

pero en esas pupilas,
sus pupilas;
siempre habrá calor,

siempre será primavera…

Primavera, Entre letras y cafeína (via entreletrasycafeina)